Sonila Deda - My Story

23 years ago, my husband and I pursued a new life what we thought was our young dream.  The journey itself to destination was a struggle however we settled in Brighton, the city where our dreams were about  to come true.

My husband found a job and myself started taking English courses so I could learn to communicate.  I worked two years prior to this journey  in Albania as a primary school teacher, however life and culture in England was different to what I knew or thought I knew.

So, our journey to the unknown started.  A year on and we became parents to our first born.  Being a parent was a dream and we loved every second, however life was about to get harder as our family needs were a must.  I started volunteering in a childcare service and shortly after was offered paid work alongside my education.

Being a mom, studying and working wasn’t what I thought however it was a must to achieve my young dream.  I worked for six years as a practitioner in a very well established and respected centering Brighton where I felt welcomed and valued as a team member.

I felt there were still missing pieces of the puzzle and tried hard working and studying to complete the missing parts. Our second bundle of joy was born, my baby boy completed a missing part of that puzzle but my eagerness to achieve and succeed, be the role model for my boys and generations I cared for in childcare was still growing in me.

I continued challenging myself to extend my knowledge and skills, had been promoted to management, continued to study business management.  Learning and studying has always been part of my growth professionally and individually.

Apart from being a mom to my wonderful boys, wife and work full time as an Operational manager at Honeycroft Centre in Hove for the past 17 years as well as Albanian Community Engagement Worker certainly has its perks.  I never stopped pursuing my dream and neither should you, hard work and dedication is key to success.  I would strongly suggest to anyone to never give up and follow your dreams.

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